United States Lavender Conference – Jan 26-28, 2017


USLC Collage

The United States Lavender Grower’s Association presents the 2017 United States
Lavender Conference (USLC) and Annual Meeting.

"Blooming Where You're Planted: Continuing to Grow a Professional Lavender Industry"

Our business is blooms! We understand that each of you considering coming to the 2017 conference holds a different level of knowledge concerning lavender and has a different level of interest. We are planning an experience in Mesa, AZ that will give you the opportunity to gain something from the conference that will help you "bloom!" This time, we have expanded the conference to three tracks related to levels of experience and interest so even though you are not locked in to attend just one track, you can more clearly see how to customize your conference experience.

  • I Want to Start a Lavender Farm - For those seeking advice and knowledge about what it takes to grow lavender as a crop and to explore various business models for converting lavender into profit.
  • I Have a Lavender Farm - For those who have an established farm and want to gain skill and knowledge about current issues from leading experts in the field.
  • I Want to Use Lavender - For the gardener or business owner who wants to understand the use of lavender and discover creative ideas for cooking and crafting with lavender.
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USLC & Member Annual Meeting is an opportunity to gather the members of our industry to offer significant learning opportunities and networking to support a professional lavender industry. For example, the basic standards or ethics of the US Lavender Grower’s Association are offered in workshops like, "What we can claim about lavender," "Value added Products- how to source, make or package" and "Culinary do's & don'ts." Important science will be shared in several presentations at different levels, i.e "Introduction to lavender" and "Disease & crop care." Check back for more breakout session descriptions as they are developed.

In addition to classroom style learning, you can attend extracurricular events and learn from one another through networking in structured and unstructured forums and gatherings. Our pre-conference workshops will offer more in depth opportunities to explore important topics with experts in that area.

You may consider enjoying the area before or after the conference as your discount rate will apply 3 days before and after USLC 2017. There is so much to see! Check out more information about Mesa, AZ.